About The Tourist Czar

Hello all,

I am The Tourist Czar, self-appointed and suitably self-opinionated.

My blog is a ‘warts n’ all’ take on the island of Ireland for all visitors, overseas and native, so that you can get a more realistic, and hopefully fuller picture of this unique place.

I’m Irish born and live here now. I have traveled and experienced this country extensively for many years, especially the coastal and nearby regions. I returned here having lived abroad for many years, so I can stand back a bit and be somewhat more objective on place.

I will reveal some real hidden hidden gems, provide my recommendations across a range of topics from food and drink, to great sights-to-see, cool places-to-stay and wonderful things to experience.

I will also voice my opinions, positive and sometimes critical, on matters that concern me, with the odd story as well… sure we all love a good story, eh!

Come follow The Tourist Czar and enrich your Irish experience…

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